Student Leadership

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2021-22 Meeting Dates

*All meetings begin at 7:30 am

Oct. 7 Oct. 27 Nov. 10 Dec. 15 Jan. 12
Jan. 26 Feb. 9 Feb. 23 April 6 April 20
May 4

At Wildcat Mountain, we believe that it's our students who make our school awesome! To continue to make our school a better place, we invite 4th and 5th graders to join a Student Leadership Team. Our Student Leadership teams are divided into five important divisions:

  • Healthy You
  • Team Leaders:  Mr. Widhalm & Mrs. Beal
    "Healthy Bodies, Minds and Hearts!"
    Be a student leader who helps our school stay healthy, happy and kind! We will focus on student wellness through Healthy options, Mindfulness and Kindness towards others. You will have the opportunity to develop projects that help make Wildcat Mountain a safe and healthy place, while at the same time developing ways for us to keep WME PRIDE alive!
  • Community Outreach
  • Team Leaders: Ms. Pinke, Mrs. Munroe, & Mrs. Suppi
    "If you Care, Share!"
    Be a student leader who wants to make a difference in our school, community, and world. If you enjoy developing projects that look into ways to positively impact Wildcat Mountain and our community as well as building school spirit, then this team is for you!
  • Green Team
  • Team Leaders: Ms. Christensen & Ms. Griffin
    "Be Amazing and Stay Green!"
    Be a student leader who makes Wildcat better by increasing our efforts of "going green." If you love our school and our planet, you will love investigating and implementing ways of helping our school be more earth-friendly. This year our focus will be on educating the school about ways to be more sustainable. We are looking for students that love science, aren't afraid of getting dirty, and have a love to self motivate to get the job done!
  • Spirit of Wildcat
  • Team Leaders: Mrs. Calderbank
    "We've got the spirit, yes we do!"
    We are a proud group of student leaders who promote kindness and respect
    for our culturally diverse school community. Our mission is to provide a voice for all students, celebrate WME's cultural diversity, and create community-building opportunities for all.
  • Unified Club
  • Team Leaders: Miss Beth, Miss Rose, Mrs. Stahlik, Mrs. Gitri
    "Choose to Include"
    Be a leader who builds an inclusive community for the whole school. We will
    plan and execute activities such as; The Polar Plunge, Inclusion Week, Unified
    Game/After School Club, Weekly challenges, Announcements, Fundraisers and more. We will help students take on roles in the school that will promote building trust and respect for all.